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N.w.a. - Arrested lyrics

(*Cell Block Opened*)

[Intro: DJ Yella as a Security Guard]

Ain't that a b**h? - you fat motherf**er
Let me call my home boy to get us out
7-3-2-9-6-3 Goddamn, n***a at home
(*Landline phone beep*) (*Phone picked up*)

[Laylaw] Hello!
[Eazy-E] Aiy, what's up, man?
[Laylaw] What's up, homie?
[Eazy-E] Aww man, these motherf**ers got us down in this goddman jail, man
[Laylaw] NO SHIT!!

Hell yeah, we were like, rolling and sh**, man
We was looking for some b**hes
So they pulled up on like four fine whores, man
And you know, I didn't know the motherf**ing b**hes were prostitutes, man
And they just caught me, ain't that a b**h?

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[Laylaw] n***a, where was y'all at?

We was in Hollywood, we're in Hollywood, man
Looking out for some b**hes, b**hes was bad than a motherf**er
Man, don't tell my woman that, man
Cause I wanna know what the f** is going on, you know, I'm f**ed up, man
For me, I ain't supposed to be riding with my b**hes
You know, pussies that I had..

[Laylaw] Yeah word, whose you with, man?
[Eazy-E] I'm here with Yella, Ren, Dre, you know, man..
[Laylaw] Aww man, all them n***as with you?
[Eazy-E] Yeah.. nig..
[Laylaw] Aww man, no thing?
[Eazy-E] n***as are trying to get that thing, man, you know what I'm saying?
[Laylaw] Yeah

And f** it, I'ma just let you talk to Ren, man
He can tell you a little better than I can and sh**

[Laylaw] Alright
[Eazy-E] Hold on!!

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