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N.w.a. - Appetite for Destruction lyrics

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre]
I got a taste for waste and a taste and a blood
Murder I heard her when she screamed the "Drop!"
Cause her son caught the slug
Relate this to no choice
And listen to this straight-up man before they ban the voice
While I rhyme to the rhythm of a pop
Remember the first n***a that runs is the first to get shot
Whoever said that what I say and portray is negativity
Need to come kick it in the city with me
And find the black and crack de fact
And take that sh** back cuz they don't wanna f** with that
There's too many n***as they're tryin' to calm
If mothaf**az could get it, nobody would've f** with it
Appetite for destruction
For him to get a bit more sh** he gotta commit -
Murder in the first degree and manslaughter
Takin' a life of his wife and young daughter
A whole city of b**hes, that look s**ed up
And the n***as is k**in', it's straight f**ed up
Whoever sayin', what I'm sayin's for greed
The 9 even when they're tryin' to feed
My appetite for destruction

" .. you guys know who I'm talkin' to .. "

[Verse 2: MC Ren]
The Appetite is tremendous - so I'm gonna spin this
Drop up some violence because they ax me to end this
Some trouble that I cought cuz I was noisy
A n***a tried to take advantage because of the kamikaze
He took a swing for my head - thought I was faded
Start runnin' for the door but the f**er never made it
The sound of the 9 went BANG [shot]
And all over the wall was his mothaf**in' brain
Cause I'm a n***a you can't sleep on
So set the alarm, cause I hit like a mothaf**in' bomb
I do damage with the 9 in my hand
But the average n***a that don't know me don't understand
I'm from the streets so therefore
You know I don't care for
A s**er that ain't down with the real n***as the n***as the n***as
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Yo, and after when the sh** gotta go ain't even sober
Any time that the 9 wanna leave
I got a .38 hidden up the sleeve
And it's ready to go to war cuz that's what it's here for
I shoot down a million n***as and shoot one more
And that's the million and one, they couldn't hang with the appetite
Cause they wasn't rappin' right
So I had to destroy whoever was standin' in my presence
For f**in' up the essence - appetite for destruction

"Cops put a hurtin' on your a**, man, you know
They really degrade you
White folks don't believe that sh**, they don't believe that cops degrade you
[Imitating white person] Oh come on, those people, those people are resisting arrest."

[Verse 3: Eazy-E]
Check it out y'all, in the house y'all
So I can show and flow and let the people know
So won't you ease on down to the yellow brick road to Compton
But first let me tell you somethin' -
I possess to 10 commandments of the Hip Hop thugsta
Known as the thief and murderer :
First one - honor thy n***a with an attitude
Gotta get respect or break your mothaf**in' neck
Second one - always gotta f** out of wedlock
I like it when the p**y goes snap, crackle and pop
Number three - I'm a gangsta fanatic
I smoke any foolz tryin' to cause some static
Number four - here's what's in store
A crazy a** n***a that remains hardcore
Fifth one - my k** has just begun
I pull out my gun that will keep me on the run
Step six - hmmm, it's kinda tricky -
Can't forget that I'm mothaf**in' chickensh**
To the ones who tries to play the E -
By the time you reach Seven you'll be 6 feet deep
Number eight - make no mistake
Move real sneaky and you're bound to catch your prey
Ninth one - I gotta be raw, f** any brainwashing man-made law
Last but not least, I must be real -
Number ten - is my appetite to ki ...

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