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N.w.a. - Always Into Something lyrics

Always Into Something
Ninety ninety mothaf**in' 1
NWA's back in this mothaf**in' yo
Takin' out all you commercicalized a** n***as
And we're on this lay back track
And we're doin' this well kinda smooth
So what's you're gonna do Dre, Kick it!
It's so on le the sh** flow on
Because I need somethin' to go off on
The mothaf**in' D-R-E servin' a d**h wish
So I'm a hit you like this
Early in the morning hop into the B-enz
I got 44 wayz of gettin' paid
Sittin' in my lap as I roll off the Compton blocks
To skoop up Ren I heard shots -
1 2 3, Then I see the n***a
Hop in de Benz and it was Ren on the mothaf**in' trigger
He got in the Benz and said
"Dre I was speakin' to de b**h O'shey" [Ice Cube]
And as we roll on I seen the patrol on crip
So we got ghost because they beat
Me and Ren in de black CE, yo
Poppin' some funky sh** by de D.O.C
I gotta get paid, paid in a hurry see
I gotta have it if I'm not paid fully
I start takin', makin' sure my sh** is steady bumpin'
I hear a dope beat
Somebody told me to buck dead
But if Dre did'nt do it I can't f** with it
NWA is like a mix a fix a trix
Real n***as with big dicks
You're takin' a chance when you think that
Talkin' under your breath won't lead to young d**h
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f**in' up sh** and sh** by the k**in'
For a n***a labled as bein' - A mothaf**in' Villain
But you don't know me, a record can't tell ya
I was so afraid I'd be a mothaf**in' faliure
Real n***as got a hat-top breakin'
I hooked up with 3 more n***as and started makin' -
Funky-a** sh** for your system
Might sound nice so it makes you wanna listen to a
Sample of a ruthless organization
But you don't want the conferntation
Real n***as don't play -
Yella, Eazy, Me and the n***a n***a Dre
Yo, alwayz makin' sure that my sh** is steady bumpin'
Yeah, the world's most dangerous group
Definetly in this mothaf**a
Sendin' a shout-out to all the n***as out there
Yo you can get in the pick up and s** de dick up 'till you hick-up
You know what I'm sayin'
Yo, cuz I'm a n***a for life
And I realy don't give a f**
I'm goin' for mine - Every time
I see a f**in' softy -
Punk strong as coffee
A n***a like that best to back up off me
Yo, cuz these are the dayz and the times of de real n***a
False n***as, NWA'z toss' n***as
And that's on de real Cuz I'm a n***a that k**z
Again and again so tell 'em what's up Ren
If i'm not no nothin' I don't feel like
So I grab de 9 n' de clip and go to murder mothaf**az at night
Because I'm startin' to feel
I'm sittin' in a cell with a crimerz too tragic it could'nt make bail
So now they gotta hold me
And listen to rehabilizations over and over
Sayin' they told me
But I don't give a f** cuz I know my sh** is pumpin'

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