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N-Tyce - Root Beer Float lyrics

The name is N-Tyce
Coming straight from the state of the Hornets
If I had a jimmy, mad brothers would be on it
I got more style than a model, a tough act to follow
Got so much flavor you try to swallow (Yep)
Now you catch me in the streets or catch me in the beat
A lot brothers want to catch me under sheets
I got the looks filled with so many hearts, I'm a stone crook
I got more numbers than a phone book
You might have heard about my style
See, got a nice silhouette
Better yet, check the profile
Me, I be getting busy from night 'til dawn
I got it going on (Yeah, she got it going on)
Yeah, you can't touch this
I know that my name ain't Janet, but I'm called Poetic Justice
Let me chill for a minute while I rest my throat
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Catch me sippin' on a root beer float (Ah)
I'm coming off like the clothes on a ho or a hooker
The cutie dip looker, a phone number booker
I'm the greatest entertainer since Dougie
Check the Source, I'm pulling hits like a druggie
On the streets I'm the talk of the town, I get around
Not hardcore, but I'm underground
You know the name, 'cause the voice you recognize
I'm the cutie with the Chinese Eyes
Black to the Point is how I get
Ripping up nuff hits
Remember me, yo I'm the fly chick
I get you heated, hotter than a sauna
More guys sweat me than that freaky chick Madonna
I'm the chick with a mic in her hand
Sport a ponytail, with the complexion of a nice tan
Gotta let the flavor pause as I take a break
You can catch me at a later date

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