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N-Tyce - Counterfeiters lyrics

All you counterfeiters, drum ridders, clowning n***as
Money getters, squeeze ya finger round the trigger, n***as
Wig splitters, f**in buckin on ya little critics
p**y hitters, f**ing s**ing my on my kitty litter

I can't belive, ya'll n***as tried to deceive, slash ya cats in threes
Head wrestle with DVs on TV
They ain't ran up on the DV's yet, cuz I can pretty much bet
That we gon' put this game on check

Lyrics I keep 'em dropping, non stopping
Had 'em locked in, while ya'll n***as stay clocking
Watching, waiting for my time to shine
Hating ones get down at the drop of a dime

[Champ Diva]
Uh, sh**, don't be mad or nothing, my b**hes
Travel with us, ya'll hilarious
Platinum plus, my n***as get down for us
Aim to bust, ashes to dust to dust

Get nasty, dirty, little birdy
My flow curvy, bow down, you ain't worthy
Know your heard me, I ain't even got to tell you
How to serve it early, hit the ground with the severed

And you wonder why we left at ya'll, acting like
The primadon', but you the pa**enger
You got me in the jab like the bunny, calling me honey
You cake like counterfeit money, and then we hit you with that bummy

Catch your fast stack, my crew be veterans
We don't want no beef, cuz we vegetarian
Lasting with my dogs, and you deaf like what
Lead you back to the lab, when you mold in the cut

[Champ Diva]
If you get burned, or worst, then the feelings are hurt
Or burnt down, Venoms like, no doubt
Can't wait to blow, now, blaow, ready to show
Ya'll, how we rock

[Chorus: Finesse]
All you fake ones, no shorts, we take them
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Put life in front, living with your hand on the gun
You gotta make runs, double funds and income
And them some, for stealing, but ya job ain't done

You kick the fine time, sippin' zippin', no wine
And going crime time, with a discharged thing
I ain't no, character chick, I crash your whip
When the plane get all up in your face and hawk spit

Yo, b, they be acting like it's ok
But boys will be boys and they don't play, doing things they own way
Don't let a lady step in, keeping it real as deaf
Knowing the deal is deaf, making a deal with them

Yo, what the dealy, you counterfeiter n***as wanna feel me
Cuz when I bring the drama, we can all get illy
I sit back, while Chamel' roll the fat philly
You wanna stank me, don't be silly, not really

Yeah, so don't front on me, cuz all the other honeys
Acting like you got some money, rolling with a crew of dummies
Styles funny, funny style all day
We don't get down that way, the certain games we don't play

Yo, I'mma pull your card n***a, you steady try'nna be a hard n***a
But you ain't really got the heart n***a
Cuz when you bluff, I can see it from a mile away
Don't come around my way, cuz I ain't down to play

Yo, you fake cats, don't be exploding on tracks
Get murked on the scene, all my team intact
Now run it back, you know how we do, flippin' stacks
You counterfeiter, and ya'll n***as is more than rap

[Champ Diva]
From the D to the V, slowly k**ing me
Like the Refugees, now it's time to flee
Poisonous, venomous, I told ya'll
Once you cross my path, you'se a goner
But then again, we out to make a k** again
Shorty Viper, the Poison, the Scorpion, Chameleon
Out to get the million, son
Haha, n***as don't want none

[Chorus 2X]

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