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N-toon - Lisa Lisa lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Met this girl named Lisa
On the first day of school
Didn't have much to say
Because I was being cool

Had this funny feeling
All day long
That she's the only one for me
I gotta put it on

Should I sing to her?
I would really love to have your phone number
Or should I just forget
And walk away from her

I wonder if she knows
That I could be her love
Or am I not enough?

Lisa Lisa
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I'm in love with you
And I don't know what
A guy is supposed to do

Lisa Lisa
I've been so confused
And I don't know what
A guy is supposed to do

[Verse 2:]
I wanna be the one
She's calling every day after school
We'll stay on the phone
Till it gets late & break the rules

I guess I could just tell her
But would it sound right?
Telling her I dream about her
Each and every night

[Repeat hook:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

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