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N-toon - A Girl Like That lyrics

[Verse 1:]
See her every day about noon
In the lunchroom
Chillin' at the table with her friends

They don't act cool
She never gives me the time of the day
Says I'm cute
But I'm only in the seventh grade

But I love her
All night
Can't sleep
Wonder if she notice me

To be
Into someone you can't see

She's got everything a guy could want
This girl's too deep
It's alright with me

If we could talk sometime
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She's so fly
Better than singing
She's on my mind

Just can't shake it
Got to find
Gotta get up with a girl like

Gotta get a girl
Like that

[Verse 2:]
Maybe I should ask her on a date
To the movies
Then we could stay on the phone
Real late
On the weekends

Never met a girl I thought was straight
Like my best friend
Trippin' Nintendo
All the way
She's the greatest

[Repeat hook:]

[Repeat Chorus 2x:]

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