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This shit here coming like narcos
Plus my plug been certi like pablo
Been broke how you mean you got racks bro?
Look, been up in the flats with the trappers dem, still tryna get it for the low-low
I got smoke and they smoke
Difference is I put it in the lyrics
Them man there put it on the road, sho
They do road then they follow man show
Got that thing with me trust i'm just letting man know
Turn your big bro ghost, not a joke
Still got x's and o's
Clientele already know
Everyday they ring my phone
Really i'm just tryna do the music
From longtime darg i already been cold
So what they warn know?

Still I got niggas in their feelings
Like, they probably warn tek my life
I just stunt on niggas when they tek mans style
That's boasy
Gyaldem warn phone me

Acting brand new
Member they didn't warn know me?
Funny though i kinda miss old me

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Look my bitch bad and boujee
I don't need a uzi when i'm stepping out cah that's my rider
She a lighty, long hair
Ain't even from here
Probably the reason that i like her
Oh she so south
Baby put this in your...wooo!
Niggas been looking for sauce
Really been a drought

Pour it up, pour it up!
Niggas still talking, I swear it's annoying bruv, i cannot cope
Winter furs, i'm talking coats
Know the ropes i'm talking code
Everyday i'm on the phone
Bitches asking bout my girl
Please just leave us both alone
LOL a private joke
Really need a private plane
Niggas shooting with no aim
Say they really want me dead?
Darg just try and try again

I swear it's getting easy these days
But all this love no darg I can't complain
I swear it's getting easy these days
But all this love no darg I can't complain

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