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N.O. Joe - Chuckie lyrics

[Verse 1: Bushwick Bill]
I told you size wasn't sh**, that's why I murdered your nieces
Wasn't my fault they found they head cut in 88 pieces
Don't let 'em run, hurry up and catch 'em
You grab an arm, I grab an arm let's pull 'till we stretch 'em
Play p**y, get f**ed means you're better off dead
I wanna see food so I fished in a child's head
Motherf**ers be worried cause I'm sick
Dead heads and frog legs, mmm... cake mix!
Friday the 13th the night of the living dead
Vampire [?] walkin' 'round givin n***as head
If you didn't die, I would say you got lucky
All bodies found dead, f** it, blame it on Chuckie
But this is child's play... motherf**a!!!

[Verse 2: Bushwick Bill]
Aw, f**, Chuck's on a k**in' spree
Gimme some barb and I'll start by k**in me
When I murder, I tried to slack off
Now 100 missiles blew a little girl's back off
My name is Chuckie, some say I'm insane
You give me some gin, and I might eat a dog's brain
Give me a motherf**in 15-pack
And I'll be damned if I don't bring 15 dead n***as back
A murder contest, you know I'll win it
Cause in every mailbox, there be a head with a knife in it
I'm gettin' hungry, I need to be fed
I feel like eatin' a bag of barbequed broke legs
Bustin' necks with a motherf*ckin' brick!
Half my body is Chuckie, the other half is Bushwick
A short n***a always pumpin' some lead
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Haven't figured out a way to get my fist out your forehead
What up? Get up, sit up, you get lit up
A knife in his neck made a polar bear spit up
A 9, a Uzi is my only utensil
Inside his chest they found 10,000 pencils
You have the nerve to go against Chuck?
With fifty guns aimed at you, how the f** you gonna duck, yo?
When I'm mad, I'm ready to slay
The graveyards are packed but it ain't nothin' but child's play

[Verse 3: Bushwick Bill]
You'd better murder me, put me to rest
Cause if you don't I'll come out shootin with my head in a bird's chest
Pissed off, the way I'm always soundin'
k**ed a punk in '82, and they just now found 'im
Some say I'm crazy, some say I'm on crack
Before I die cut off my leg and let me die in Iraq
A born loser, some say I'm mindless
If I get pissed off, you leave naked and spineless
Worse than Charles Manson, never havin' a equal
Went sleepwalking last night and k**ed 300 people
When I woke up they had me chained to the floor
When they told me what I did I k**ed 300 more, yo
You wanna rumble? Then go get your war hat
I went to jail for a**ault with a carjack
I might be small but my nuts are big
The worst that you could do is let me keep your f**in kids
Cause I'm a teach 'em how to act
And if they ain't actin' right, they dyin' tonight
So, uh, ain't no use in you tryin' to spot 'em
I send you a motherf**in note that says "Chuckie's got em!"

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