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N.O. Joe - Cereal k**er lyrics

Always after my Lucky Charms and sh**
Apple Jacks and sh** like that

[ Scarface ]
Once upon a time at the Honeycomb Hideout
Sugar Bear and Mikey sat alone gettin fried out
Lucky walked in with this n***a name Rice Grain
Pulled out a knot and conjured up a dice game
Lucky looked at Mikey and he said with a smile
Where's the silly rabbit, I ain't seen him in a while?
Mikey turned to Lucky, shook his head cause he ain't know
Probably trickin with this b**h from Rocky Road named Cheerio
I'm trippin off this sh** cause I ain't never seen it right
I'm feelin kind of leary cause I'm higher than a kite
This vibe has really got me on this other level
It's time to mark a murder, my victim's Fruity Pebbles
I'm k**in any motherf**er jumpin in my mix
I'm out to get you Pebbles, heard the b**h was turnin tricks
I'm packin up my sh**, I'm longin for some red cock
Ups, ain't this a b**h, Face is on his way to Bedrock
Shortly after gettin there I met up with the freak
Nearly cuttin the b**h in half like some Shredded Mini Wheats
I'm makin my escape, sneakin out the back
f**, I'm bein spotted by this fag named Apple Jack
I put it on his a** so he couldn't come back to key me
Bleedin like a hog, I guess he musta ate his Wheaties
He used to kiss dicks with his partner Special K
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I never had respect for homos**uals anyway
I'm on my way to Houston, played it safe I rode the ferry
And ran across this motherf**in cop named Frankenberry
He's starin at a n***am, had the looks as if he knows me
He asked about the Bear, I said, Yeah, the Bear's my homie
The sh** was kind of shadyk, I was nervous from the jump
Arrivin at the docks he got the word from Captain Crunch
Arrested for a murder, so now I'm thinkin, sh**
I didn't know that Captain Crunch was Cuckoo for this b**h
My trial came up and now I'm thinkin guilt
This dried up situation needs a little bit of milk
I had a half a gallon and ( ? ) a n***a bought it
Reached and grabbed my spoon and made a motherf**in run for it
I ate 'em up and washed 'em down with Miller
Mr. Scarface AKA your Cereal k**er

The ants go marchin two by two
Hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marchin two by two
Hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marchin two by two
( ? )
Cause the ants go marchin two by two

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