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N.O. Joe - Cocaine lyrics

(c**aine c**aine), I'd like to introduce you all to
(c**aine c**aine) UGK, UGK b**h my man Bun B
Pimp C in the house y'all, put your hands together
Big Dick Cheney and Tony Snow, (c**aine c**aine)

[Pimp C]
Uh the b**h, been good to me
Been bad to my homies, keep it cool with me
I played it by the rules, and the regulations
I use to switch cars with the Mexican, at the gas station
Mine had money in it, his had the work
After the deal was done, I make my girl p**y squirt
Cause after the deal, we would all celebrate
Happy cause it wasn't no jacking, and the product was straight
I never came, with the funny business
That's why we steady playing in Jags, and Benzes
Some n***as, let the city eat em up
I was just coming up, whipping my pyrex steady beating it up
I'm a shark with the fork, microwave or pot
I'mma hit it with the Sprite, and make that butter lock
Everything was cool, I was ice cold
Till I let that b**h, get up in my nose

[Hook - 5x]
Cocaine, c**aine

[Bun B]
They call it c**aine, coc-a-ina, yayo
Coca leaf, whatever you wanna say bro
Cocaine is a hell of a drug, it ain't hum-drum
And we all know where it's at, but where it come from
The mountains of Columbia, and Peru
[Lyrics from: https:/**aine.html]
Extracted from the c**a leaf, but see that sh** ain't new
It's been around for hundreds of years, exploited by the rich
They even use to put it in Coca-Cola, ain't that a b**h
You had kings, queens, princes and princesses
Even priests and popes, fought to getting it in different instances
A privileged possession, for dozens of centuries
Helped a few wars, legal and illegal industries
Grown by the cartels, protected by gorillas
Transported by the best, to the ghettos to straight k**ers
The power of the powder pimping, you don't understand
Ask W man, he's a dealer and a fan of c**aine

[Hook - 5x]

[Rick Ross]
You chilling on the corner, looking cooler than a mo'f**er
Got a pocket full of hard, it's hotter than a mo'f**er
Living in that condition, my Phantom in the front yard
We them real dope boys, I ain't gotta front dog
Big dope in the trunk, following my Map Quest
Choppers in the white house, pistol on my lap yes
I remember, when I first met that wonderful girl
Club Rolex, she fathered my mother a pearl
Spinning wild living foul, diamonds all in my dial
Pimping style, but they yayo got me wearing linen now
Getting paper, paper plates on convertables
M-I-yAyo to P-A, that work'll move
Ricky Ross, only f** with legends
Pimp C, Bun B got the hustle perfected
I could ship it to ya, or you could come and get it
Just bring the cool million with ya, when you come and visit (Ross)

[Hook - 9x]

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