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N.O. Joe - Big Dogg Status (Remix) lyrics

Ho! It's young 'Face, slanging yay everyday
Heavyweight, got a bad b**h in every state
On the grind non-stop till I touch this cake
Mark a** n***as stay the f** up out my way
I'm a true OG, you can quote what I say
I'm an H-town n***a from around the way
Southside, Ridin' Dirty like I'm UGK
Asshole by nature like my name was Trae
And I don't g**n, I patrol the game
And what I'm representing here is putting holes in brains
Before I say the same thing I'll be old and grey
'Fore I fall off and rap about my clothes and chains
Gripping grain and popping trunks, dog but that ain't me
These elbows hit the scene back in eighty-three
I stay street, when it's done, that's that
You could find me in your hood pumping monster crack
I roll over rodents in Rovers with rims on 'em
Sniffing out a rat I expose him and then dome him
A lot of n***a's b**hes, they claim that they OGs
A straight up p**y and claims that he knows me
You see I, putting out these DVDs
Now my sh** done hit the streets, he gots to squat the pee
Got the Feds on his team so they watching me
Mousetrap for a rat, p**y watch and see

[Hook - Scarface] + {UTP}
I've been straight {for a long time}
Getting cake {for a long time}
E&J {for a long time}
n***a {try to get like this!}
I've been a G {for a long time}
In the street {for a long time}
Toting heat {for a long time}
n***a {try to get like this!}
{I got big dog status} *8X*

Hey I'm they fave
They say fresher to bump bapes, but I ain't scared
It's my pleasure to tell it right, don't think I ain't said
Cause they got prices on my head homie, I don't slip
Clips long as giraffe necks, that's why I don't trip
Just open up and let it rip, ain't nothing new to a G
Hey I ain't worried about these n***as till they shooting at me
My partner died, daughter too, give excuses to me
Still a buster a** rapper I'm refusing to be
Scarface seem to say I'm the king, you a fool if you think
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There's another young new rapper dude out there cooler than me (Haha)
I choose in the V, brand new with the beat
I live a real life like I say I do in the beat
Yo, true indeed, I do indeed
Do it for the OG's and the true MC's
Them busters say this year I got brand new and it's all phat
Cut that fighting in the club, I'm done with all that
n***a a** out of line, well his a** getting wet
Give a west side n***a ten stacks, that's that
Oh, or maybe less as a matter of fact
n***a be testing the professor, what's the matter with cats?


[Lil Wayne]
I've been doing this sh**, n***a who are you?
Lil n***a, I done seen keys bigger than you
Lil n***a, you ain't know sh**
Cut off a n***a head, make him s** his own dick
How the game go? Money over b**hes and flowers over snitches
Money over b**hes and flowers over snitches
Mr., Mr. Scarface, pistols into yard fish
Mr., Mr. Scarface, pistols into yard fish

I came here to exercise my game
Spread love to the hood is how I do my thang
Smoking weed with my homies, barbeque them wangs
Sip Hennesey and coke cause I don't f** with drank
Don't pop pills either cause that sh** ain't cool
We just drunk a mad Dom 'fore we went to school
Flick off, back then I was smashing boys
Jump wrong, you saw a n***a get his a** destroyed
Same rules right now, I demand respect
And if I slapped one ho, then her man was next
I'm a kick door robber, a hot-shot driver
A crack rock slanging motherf**er for a dollar
If you dare to be laid, then off in the Lincoln
But if it ain't no way, then believe I'm finna take it
Cause a n***a with no hustle, it ain't worth this G
And a b**h like this is even worse than that
I've been good at bullsh**ting but this game can cost
And if a n***a can't maintain, mayne he lost
He a nerd, and they f** nerds in jail I heard
And as a n***a, I come in here with my balls and my word


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