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N.O. Joe - Another n******g in the Morgue lyrics

Let me get when I rock the...the..the...
This sh** ain't got no f**in drums in it man
Daym, wht don't you put some f**in drums in the music
So I can

Get down to businees
I think it's time I paid a little visit
To my run down neighbourhood cemetry
To tally up the people I buried
57, 58, 59, All layin' down in the same line
You sorry motherf**ers couldn't handle me
I done f**ed up 17 families
So bring it on if you wanna play
Huh, make my motherf**in' day
Cause you'll be one dead motherf**er black
I'mma put you a** on you back
I won't play no games wit cha boy
You'll just be one more n***a in the morgue

Yeah I like that man
That sh** sounds kinda funky don't it
Hahahaha, yo let me finish this freestyle tho man
Hold 'em down, hold 'em up, yo

It's gonna be a k**in' after midnight
n***as gettin' reday for a big fight
You could say this one's a murder by a lunatic
Hear me livin' on your a** b**h
Loadin' up my weapons gettin' ready for
Another street sweepin' neighbourhood drug war
Police come around in a meat wagon
Knowin' that tonight they'll be draggin'
Off motherf**ers to a six fot ditch
I hope ya insruance paid up b**h
Cause tonight is the night motherf**er
Be a good k**er or a damn good ducker
Cause if you ain't, your a** is fallin' to the paint
Bloodshed seems to make a n***a faint
Not me with a .9 in my hand
I couls fall asleep lyin' next to a dead amn
Ya gotta understand me
It's been a vet sorry motherf**a layin' out dead see
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So if you wanna come, come hard
Or you'll just be another n***a in the morgue

Yeah, you motherf**as
Motherf**as goin' for bad and sh**
You know what I'm sayin'
But you'll be another niger in the morgue motherf**er
Oh yo, check this out

But gettin' back to the bloodbath
You motherf**as out there go for bad
That sh** played out my brother
I ride by and gun done motherf**ers
Whether friend or foe bro
Steppin' on my toes, your a** has gotta go
Now heres how the sh** took place [How'd it go?]
A n***a waved a tre eight in my face [Damn]
Screamin' that sh** about the Squab Mob
Talkin' big sh** about the South Park
Said he's gonna stop me
Pissed off cause I'm down with the 5th Ward posse [Um-Hmm]
sh** didn't make me numb
I ain't scared of no goddman gun [My n***a]
Once I sw 'em break I stuck 'em [What about his 3 guards?]
f** 'em!
I'll put him on his a** cause he's bigger
Then worry about the other 3 n***as
All of them ran to get backup
That's 12 more bodies I'mma stack up
Open up the trunk in a rage
And loaded up my goddamn 12 gauge
If the punk don't keep ya
I'll be forced to hit ya wit the street sweeper
Ya a** shouldn't a started no static g
12 gun shots automatically
I ain't goin' out like no s**a
I'm goin' out like a crazy motherf**a
Everybody knows that I ain't got it all
And I don't give a f** about none a y'all
Hit 3 or 4 in the head
That's 3 or 4 n******gs left for dead
It doesn't pay to check cards
Cuase I'm sendin' motherf**as to the morgue...

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