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N.O. Joe - Ain't That a b**h (Ask Yourself) lyrics

[Pimp C]
Uhh, you stayin' with that b**h, layin' with that b**h
f**in' all your paper off, playin' with that b**h
At first, all you want to do was f** with the b**h
Years pa**ed by, now you stuck with that b**h
Ya fighting mo' and mo' now you fed up with the b**h
But you knew that was a ho when you hooked up with the b**h
But you trusted the b**h, cause you lust for the b**h
Ya s** on the p**y and bust nuts in the b**h
Now she around this motherf**a pregnant and sh**
But a child to a b**h, is seen as nothin' but a lic
The next thing you know the b**h gotcha in court
Tryin' to getcha paper, calling it "child support"
Takin' half of yo' sh**, talkin' bout a divorce
If you don't know the game, then here's a crash course
They say "You live with the b**h, so ya common law married
And the b**h done got accustomed to the paper she been having"

(Hook: Devin the Dude)
Ain't that a b**h? (Pimp C: Ain't that a b**h?)
Ain't that a b**h?, now ask yourself ain't that a b**h?
Ain't that a b**h?

[Bun B]
I got a letter from the government, the other day
I opened, and read it, it said "f** UGK
We've been watching your success ever since you n***as dropped
We would've spoke a long time, but we thought you would've flopped
Man, two n***as got some nuts, to graduate to mainstream status
From being two broke bastards from off the cuts, growing up in a town
[Lyrics from: https:/**h-ask-yourself.html]
Where population fifty thousand, only 3 high schools, but 8 sets of low-income housing
Look, when you two did "Too Hard To Swallow", we thought it was a fluke
When you boys came "Super Tight" we played it cool hand luke
"Ridin Dirty" went gold with no video, we gave a break
But this MTV award nomination sh** just took the cake
So read this letter real good and take it as a warning
We'll be watching you when you sleep and when you wake up in the morning
The people that you running with and everything you do
Sincerely yours, signed, n***a you know motherf**ing who." Ain't that a b**h?


[Devin the Dude]
And just when you thought that p**y was specially for you
You put all your trust in the b**h and guess what she do?
Round two in the mornin' that ho's gone
Then she come with some different clothes on
I guess the b**h is so fine, that you pay it no mind
You asked her where she been, she said "with one of her friends" that ho lying
Her p**y is a gold mine, well that how she feels
And she can get a few thangs in exchange for cheap thrills
The price of p**y is turning some women to whores
And just because they give you some p**y, it ain't yours
So I don't trip on it, but I'll stab if I can
Then wipe off my weapon, and turn into the traveling man
See like I f**ed Ruby Tuesday, but Friday I'd had to slap that ho
The b**h got knocked up by Rosco, and said I'm the poppa though
In this game they got a name for a chick, who's gettin' rich for lickin' nuts and dick
Ain't that a b**h?


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