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Hi I'm seventeen and my name is Bobby James Everyday in school all my cla**mates call me names And so this pusher introduced me to this thing He said it makes you forget pain but makes you sing I got pushed at home at school I was a wuss Now my life is a domino that pushers push 'Cause I tried it once but I tried it again Ran away two weeks later I seen my friend And I said [Chorus: Repeat 2X] Hey there mister give me some cash I'm high as hell and I'm ready to blast I'm just one hit away from being pa**ed out Young and a**ed out Man this would be cute if this were just a dream A lesson for you to learn except you'd learn through me You know like in the movies when it ends with a scream Well f** face I got news this is real and I did things Traveling from Virginia to Cali broke Hitchhike and rides me in my calico Shoplift for food when it was desire I miss my family Miss my friends I'm so high and so tired [Chorus] Hey there Would you help me please Could you spare some change for the world For the world to see [Chorus]

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