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N-Dex - Let it Bounce lyrics

[Dex Chorus]
She don't take no shit,that's a boss bitch
She gon take this dick like a boss bitch
And she know I'm a dog,she my boss bitch
And I don't need no other hoe I got a boss bitch
Make that ass clap
Make that ass clap
Make that ass clap
Then... Bounce
Make that ass clap
Make that ass clap
Make that ass clap
Then let it bounce

[Dex Verse]
It's young Kwasi
Smoking OG
And yo OG
He de Owe Me
Is you geeked up?
Bitch I might be
Like MIT
With a mind freak
Got a dime piece
She de serve packs
I remember when she sent her first thirst trap
Love it when she throw that ass and reverse that
And I like some big tities but prefer ass
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Down in Dallas
Up in Houston
I'm productive
I'm producing
When my baby come around its a movie
It's in 3D
4K for Louie's yea yea


[Zie Verse 2]

I be Zie
I'm that nigga all these rappers wanna be
Be the nigga all these bitches wanna freak
And it's simple A,B,C they want the D
I got visions of a bitch mouth
She babysitting told her girl you better not spit out
So disrespectful swear to god that you'll get kicked out
Right out the door another chick who fena get dicked down
I keep it moving ain't no use in being stagnant
I got a bitch who keep like 100's in a cabinet
Look on the wrists she keep em karats ,fuckin rabbit
She chill with me in booty shorts I bet I'll grab it... And stab it


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