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N. Caserta - Speed lyrics

[Verse 1]
Speed boats float from the coast
Binoculars watch the bales float up the shore
Tryna find ways to tax this dope
Slanging bars like soap
b**hes high off of these lines like coke
Listening with they eyes closed, with no clothes
She want f** because of my flow
It's like I got X pills inside my quotes
Smoke, keep me on a high note
Oldies playing in my Chevrolet
Game make them ladies want stay
Plot all night, bust moves all day
It's just the jet way
No time to sleep cause that won't get me paid
Don't make sense if it don't make dollars
Excuses won't start my Impala
If it ain't about my paper then "I'll holla"

[Verse 2]
Came through, k**ed n***as
Satellite coupe with the new stickers
Never running with no new n***as
Just my OG's and some cool b**hes
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Bad ones, I know what to do with them
I don't buy them no bags, I just get them high
All she really wanted to do was ride
I'm a let her, won't sweat her, no pressure
Let her decide, she smart
She gon definitely choose what's better
Autumn weather, in a vintage ice berg sweater
Fly beyond measure
That's your girl you better check her

[Verse 3]
Cherry beamer, drop Saab
Sipping pa** Ace Boogie
He mad at his bullsh** job
Mentality I had as a younger
Grinding hard to provide a yard for my big dogs
Rest in peace to the jacker, may you mob
No love in the streets my n***a
They don't give a f** about you or me my n***a
Just an era where a n***a is k**ing these n***as
And these b**hes just mirroring the television
Fake hair, fake a** looking for a real one
Just tryna f** a n***a with a million
And do anything to get one

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