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N.A.S.A. - Elstree lyrics

Save it for later, Ill wait for the darkness
Thats when the chances seem the best to me
Youve got me in stitches, states of confusion
Im just a flower in youre potpourri
And if Im patient then youll come around
Ive found so Ill just sit here
And not make a sound, for now
I say, I say you dont hear what I say
You say, too late, you can't bear what I say
Pray to my maker, cause I know my weakness
Im just the sum of all the things I see
Step through the vapor, try if you want to
But you can't keep this pain away from me
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And if Im lucky
Then youll come around, Ive found
So Ill just sit here
And not make a sound, for now
Dont send me away youre the reason I came
Dont know how much more pain
Like this I can take
They tell me its plain but its never that way
Im hanging by strings and much shakier things
Im a one act play Im a cold embrace
A tested case, Im a haunted space
Im a slap to your face, Im food without taste
One act play, Im a one act play

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