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N.A.R. - Love lyrics

Chorus x2

You know love
It might look like its fizzled
But it ain't ever gonna fade
I believe in people
In the race not in their beliefs or names
See i think that we just all want to believe
That people can change
One second they hate us
And the next they can feel the same way about us
But i know thats asking to much
I know that scars we carry might let us live vicariously
Through who we hopped we could be
But unfortunately
We can't make it happen
Im not saying to sit back and let life just happen
Im saying to open up your heart to possibility
Of having somebody become a part of you
Become a part of me

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Chorus x3

You might feel left down
That your out of the fight now
Listen up as i
Just begin to proclaim
The human nature that makes us all want the same thing
(hushed) change
And i know that most of you
Just want to be appreciated
Well just know that theres always someone out there
Who just
Wishes the same thing
And in turn reciprocate everything

Chorus x4

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