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Mozzy - Ain't $hit Happen lyrics

[Hook x2]
I lost a couple niggas, shit happens
You lost a couple niggas, and ain't shit happen
You don't slide for your niggas like I do for mine
Living life on the borderline of suicide

[Verse 1]
100, furthest from a snitch
Body shots have a nigga squirming like a bitch
Gangland landscape it's murder where I live
We got the whole sucka side nervous on my kids
Visioning what the [?] he ain't really tryna drill niggas
All eyes fixated on a real nigga
I'm real illa my lil zillas blam llamas
You don't understand the magnitude of head trauma
Put that on my dead partner I'mma slide for him
Beyond the enemy lines pushing lines of them
Suicidal lifestyle it ain't hard to tell
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Up late counting money on these lonely nights
There's guala on the wood nigga throw the dice
Dope fiends tryna sell a stolen bike
He just threw a hubba on his smoking pipe
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You know I'm plugged in it was only right
I'm a die a real nigga on the homie Christ
Killas doing life the but the snitches ain't
Apply a little pressure and he finna break
I'm on that Lil Tae shit I'm tryna hit a bank
The way I'm going ain't no way I give a bitch a break
I'm a stack 100 k off this prostitution
My niggas getting spanked by the prosecutors

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Call bruh like blood what it's looking like
Dope fiend tryna tell me you ain't cooking right
When I was down bitches acting like they couldn't write
I'm straight though it's all a part of this crooked life
You know I keep snow baby looking right
I'm in all black but the stamp on the hoodie looking white
My nigga went to trial hung jury twice
The pigs offered cheese but he wouldn't bite
Solid to the core real 4th nigga
I'm showing up to court to support niggas
You on this paperwork yous a dork nigga
This crime rate bumpin on these suckas check the score nigga

[Hook x2]

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