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Mozzy - All On The Line lyrics

[Verse 1]
You ain't put me on
Had to do it myself
Wasn't trying to risk your freedom
Had to shoot him myself
You ain't a goon you a sucka
You ain't shoot for yourself
Barrel to my head
Thought about shooting myself
Cause it's hard out here
That's the easy way out
My people deep in these streets
We don't see a way out
Looking through the county window
With no way to see out
Free [?] and correctional
They need to be out
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What we beefing about?
Now we beefing for nothing
Take it out on one another
As result from the suffering
We just posted and hustling
I don't owe you for nothing
Hella lonely on the block
Seem like nobody coming

[Hook x2]
Still got the same pieces
Cause don't nobody want them
Bet you I get em off
Bet you I get em off
Real talk keep talking out the side of your mouth
We always in the streets
You inside of your house

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