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Mozzy - That Eazy lyrics

Feat : Gunplay

[Chorus: Mozzy & Gunplay]
It's that easy
Had to run it up on these broke niggas
50 bands worth of dope, nigga
It's that easy

[Verse 1: Gunplay]
Came in facing seven digits, coffin, and jails
Still can't tell what the difference is
You just eat what you kill
I got no feeling to feel
My mind is filled up with filth
I slap a pimp on the [?]
And stuff a mouth full a pills
My thoughts dirty as fuck
I'm talking murder and blood
Just be careful don't get none on the drugs
Talking taking it there
Not making it fair
Knocking pictures off the wall [?]
On this side of town
The way we riding around
With some shit that's loaded that I know you not about
Check em at the door, no weapons, just the dope
Flinchin' and I'm clinchin', nigga, til the trigger choke

[Hook 4x]

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
I done trapped it out in them tranches, homie [?]
We could squabble up back in '05
Try now and niggas gonna die
What's the point of playing both sides, huh?
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Nigga, what's the point of playing both sides
What's the point of doing drive-bys
Its a pound town when we slide by
Used to call a nigga IZOD
[?] standing like 5'5"
Goddamn that's a big bitch
100 shells in that parking lot
I be on that lil' Meek shit
My boy like Shyne and them
Free pimp, on my momma and 'em
Call home just to [?]
We [?] for real
All mine if you [?]
Everybody got to feel the fam
Learn to stand on your own two
Promise I never need a hand
Momma say she never need a man
I just sent her a hundred bands

[Verse 3: Mozzy & Gunplay]
Still respected by the dope fiends
Used to plug them all, so they love a nigga
Line me up for that play, homie
Money hungry let's run it nigga
Circle small, I don't fuck with niggas
1K above a hundred, nigga
Pullin' up to the neck with it
Really in the hood, I be thuggin' wit 'em
Everybody got to walk back to the whip, right?
Everybody do. It's that easy
Everybody got to come back to the crib, right?
Everybody do. It's that easy


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