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Mozzy - Finesse lyrics

It's Young JBay nigga, still on that trap shit

[Hook: Young JBay]
Niggas better watch their bitch I put her on a track
On the neck, outta state, she gon' send it back
Young nigga got them bands really playing with stacks
Still slidin' with that mac finessing through the pack

[Verse 1: Young JBay]
Better watch your bitch cause I'm on her back
Ridin' in this foreign me and my nigga Heck
I be on that same shit I'm still in the trap
A nigga wanna problem then you know we got dat fully mac
I know you heard about me kept it two key
Shipped her outta state and every day she sending cheese
She wanna fuck wit me then she better have a fee
Bitch I ain't your boyfriend, no I'm no bfe
Thumbing through a check but I don't got a job
Ain't no money like trap money bitch I'm with the mob
Talking money but you broke niggas need to stop
I came from kicking doors on the block selling rocks

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Bandaids in my denims, nigga
Gangland wit my nigga, nigga
Standoff wit dat nickel, nigga
Your car load will get riddled, nigga
Lose your life for them fiddles, nigga
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Shit real in this field
Either kill or be killed
Shoot first or get shot, nigga
Four's up for my block
He froze up and got popped
She hoed up for that guap
I ain't even fuck the bitch that's on God
Spent eight bucks on that Glock
A band up for that chop
One up top in it ahk
Niggas know how I rock
Run a play wit dat pack
Got a T stack on my lap
Shooter gang on that porch
That;s how we operate in this trench
No lagging no leaking
No yapping no speaking
Finesse a nigga wit da okie-doke
It's tax free that's on jesus


[Verse 2: Lil Blood]
I send that bitch from coast to coast and then I send her back
She come to me I check my trap and then I send her back
She love this pimp I'm not a pimp bitch I'm a really a Mac
And if he front it I consigned it I'm really a Mac
She say her ex B he got money he really got racks
Lil bitch he also want some paperwork he really a rat

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