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Mozzy - Childhood Friends lyrics

[Verse 1 - Lil June]
Childhood Friends turned to enemies
And all my exes fucking with the enemies
And all the judge wanna do is sentence me
So I'm pouring up this Remy be the remedy
I used to call you brother cause that's what you used to be
I call your mother mother cause that's what she is to me
But you the one that switched up and started using me
You ain't the same nigga I don't know this new to me
We from the same hood
Walked the same streets
Wore the same clothes
Shared the same sneaks
Face to the ground and why it had to be you
Then I left my head like everybody in June

[Hook - Lil June]
I'm just being what I was destined to be
Now all of a sudden niggas jealous of me
They don't want to see me shine
They don't want me to eat
But I'ma stay the same ain't no changing to me
It ain't no love lost (but you the one that changed up)
Ima always be a boss (but you the one that changed up)
Your mother like my mother (but you the one that changed up)
And your brother like my brother (but you the one that changed up)
[Verse 2 - Lil June]
Childhood friends bussin at me
I'm shooting back
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And half of them niggas snitched but yall cool with that
And half of them niggas dead and ain't no coming back
And most them niggas got a regular job and I ain't doing that
It's crazy how my blood like my friends and my friends like my blood
Remember we was little, jumping in the mud
Grew up a little, start to get it out the mud
Vandalizing shit cause we didn't give a fuck
My momma told me when you was 2 you was terrible
Then she told me boy you too yall just terrible
You was really my nigga I'd die for
With no hesitation give my life for


[Verse 3 - Mozzy]
100 ain't no other way to keep it
Lord forgive me for the times I was leaking
I gotta keep my little girl decent
Tucked off finna duck off out the region
A real nigga told me that you was speaking greasy
You know it's one mob when they see the beanie
They know it's real mob when they see the yicki
Pullin up some ?
Never turn on the squad it ain't meant to be
My brother like a motherfucka blood I miss the team
My brother like a mothafucka miss the team
Pain is unbearable I can't even sleep


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