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Mozzy - 1 Up Top Fina Drop lyrics

Yeah, whole lotta dope, whole lotta slime nigga
Whole lotta shit, whole lotta (?)
Whole lotta shit, front and .45 (?)

[Verse 1]
Whole lotta money, she might think that I'm broke though
Cause I be in them trenches you don't go
Handkerchief rose gold
Niggas bleed the pebbles for real
Before we bang, we was scheduled to kill
Finna roll up this kill
The wood still blood dipped in the slime
Know your life ain't much different from mines
I'm just a regular nigga
Always smoking this irregular nigga
Yeah, I got a fetish for chicken, I'm tryna get it
Granny used to bathe me with the soap for the dishes
15, tootin blow off the dishes, this shit wicked
Had to kick a door just to feed the addiction
Black people going broke tryna beat a conviction, yeah
Prostitution and pimping, you know she gotta stay
And her Puma flip flops getting it out today
Northern Cal on my shoulders, this shit a lot of weight
The blemishes in my eyes show a lot of pain
One up top, (?) catch a body gang
How could you fault me for my wrongs? This was how I was raised
I traveled this funky road tryna find a way
Is you gon' slither for your iller if he die today
I'm lord of what I love till my dying age
Buck 40 soaking wet, inside the lion cage
Disappointment in granny every time they raid
When niggas be tryna kill you, it be hard to change
Pocket (?) and I call 'em gang
Another messy murder scene if I call the gang
Channels 8, 408, that's a call away
Youngstown, Ohio, fuck with the fellows all the way
Freaky twins, bet you them niggas call today
I'm the only one the problem when you talking rank
Southern Cal got the oil when you talking drank
Butterflying all you bitches while I'm counting cake

[Verse 2]
Lil dirty black kid from around the way
Going sack for sack, moving a quarter pound a day
You know I'm straight when I strafe through the city
Had to get it out the mud so the paper is dingy
And your nigga doing time, now he say that I'm stenchy
The money can't between us, it's nothing playing against me
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Fuck it, it's real niggas, we don't fold it for nothing
I ain't walk a damn line and keep it cold for nothing
I ain't take a field trip to the dome for nothing
Promise I ain't going broke for nothing, we here now
Shit bag full of guala, thought he was playing around
Slap the dog shit if you bitches play with the count
You ain't acting (?) you better stay in the house hah
Better stay in the house
You ain't acting (?) you better stay in the house hah
Better stay in the house
They want a dollar an ounce for that throwback red
Jumpsuit a different color so you know that's fair
Bought jewelry with the (?) on my head
Seated on the edge of my bed thumbing through bands, yeah
Trap booming, I be running through grams, yeah
Keep it on him, he in love with the blam, yeah
Cock it back till that bitch unjam, yeah
Mah-mah-mah, that bitch gon' cram, yeah
Now feed the fam with (?), that should be hand to hand
Get it by any means, niggas understand
Never let another man raise your young wife
That means I love you if I fuck you and I cum twice
They'll never find the heater if it's tucked right
Probably get away with murder if it's done right
Cubicles doing numbers off the sunlight
Circle smaller than the dot and I run mine
One time for the one time, fuck 'em all
These pink 50's be crispy, I'm finna fuck 'em all
She got a couple sheets of paper, tell her run 'em off
Real niggas is real niggas, the cover cross
Before I take another loss you gon' lose something
Charity in the trenches, nigga shoot something
How you remember how the (?) at the (?) rubbing
Pimping, knocked me for the hooker, I regroup from it
Smooth thugging, (?) in the Chase account
Back doing for the bag, I make it count
We gon' line his ass up and we play him out
Political warfare is being straightened out
We done finally made it out, you should follow me
I put us in a position where we can all eat
If I ain't out here in the field, why you call me?
I had that chop stick sounding like it's off beat
Talk cheap, we them niggas that they mad at
Girl they just in it for the fame, y'all can have that
I filled up with trash bags, finna bag (?)
She jumped off the flight and I ain't give her a bad back
Gotta take it on the chin, keep it solid baby
I love a real bitch, lil mama (?)
Can't nobody save me, I'm from hell gang
Parking lot flooded with murder, 100 shell gang

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