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MoonMan - Intro (Notorious K.K.K. Part 2) lyrics

[Ben Garrison:]

[Moon Man:]
K, K, K!

[Verse 1: Moon Man]
Sicker than your average coon slayer
Skin as white as snow and I dress, like a player
I'm Moon Man, representing White Power
I'm the man of the hour, take a trip to the showers

[Verse 2: Ben Garrison]
I'm Moon Man's Dad, back for Round 3
No Jew or nigga ever fucks with me
Because they know when I'm around
Some serious shit is bound to go down

[Verse 3: Moon Man]
Meet the chimps in the alley
Bring your guns to the rally
Rack up the death tally
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Take a life with each shot
And I'm dumping my mags
On the Jews and the fags
Toe-tagging each nigga while prepping the body bags

[Verse 4: Ben Garrison]
Banned on YouTube, and banned on T.V
Niggers get triggered whenever they see me
Notorious B.E.N. is what they call me
I'm a fascist, an artist, and a great MC

[Verse 5: Moon Man]
I'm not going to lie, I don't give a fuck
But every piece of music is 100% cucked

[Verse 6: Ben Garrison]
That's why we made this mix-tape for you
We know you can't stand the musical Jew

[Verse 7: Moon Man]
Sit back, relax, and let it play out
We'll teach you what fascism's all about

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