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MoonMan - BBC lyrics

[Verse 1: Moon Man]
I don't know what you heard about me
But niggers won't get a dollar out of me
No welfare checks or money for their needs
Because I'm motherfucking always tax free
I'll never pay the kikes what I owe
Moon Man is just an average Joe
Don't got Jewish money to blow
'Cause I'm a motherfucking white average Joe

[Verse 2: Ben Garrison]
Don't know what you've heard about me
But when niggers see me they scream and flee
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Don't believe in the BBC
'Cause I've got a massive motherfucking white D

[Moon Man:]
That was kind of weak, Dad
I think we should start making some White Power instrumentals rather than using recycled coon jungle beats

[Ben Garrison:]
Nonsense, son. Culturally appropriating nigga music is one of the best ways to subvert modern societal tropes. If we're going to spread our message effectively, we need to use this nigga music to do so. Memetic Warfare at its finest

[Moon Man:]
True. I suppose our venerated lord Kek smiles upon us. We continue the psychological operations against the kikes and their nigga underlings with jungle beats. Then...

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