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MoonMan - BBC lyrics

[Verse 1: Moon Man]
I don't know what you heard about me
But n******gs won't get a dollar out of me
No welfare checks or money for their needs
Because I'm motherf**ing always tax free
I'll never pay the kikes what I owe
Moon Man is just an average Joe
Don't got Jewish money to blow
'Cause I'm a motherf**ing white average Joe

[Verse 2: Ben Garrison]
Don't know what you've heard about me
But when n******gs see me they scream and flee
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Don't believe in the BBC
'Cause I've got a ma**ive motherf**ing white D

[Moon Man:]
That was kind of weak, Dad
I think we should start making some White Power instrumentals rather than using recycled coon jungle beats

[Ben Garrison:]
Nonsense, son. Culturally appropriating n***a music is one of the best ways to subvert modern societal tropes. If we're going to spread our message effectively, we need to use this n***a music to do so. Memetic Warfare at its finest

[Moon Man:]
True. I suppose our venerated lord Kek smiles upon us. We continue the psychological operations against the kikes and their n***a underlings with jungle beats. Then...

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