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MoonMan - We Get High lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
High fives to the
High achievers in a
Mindstate that high society's even with ya
Even with your shades on and blindfolds
You're drawing success and I can see the picture
Clear as day what I say's like Mary Jane
Took the high road and trying to fill every lane
Til they fill up, everybody get up and holler out
Hoe happiness over everything
The joy of bringing joy to yall city
Is like a natural high ride the clouds with me
We're milking the game, come have a cow with me
Making butter off what I "utter", no cow's titty
Dope right- I gets em high for sure
If you listen long enough bet your mind would grow
Lyrical paraphernalia is all I know
So get high on this potent little rhyme I wrote

[Chorus: Dizzle Morrison]
We Get High
Whenever we're feeling low
We Get High with no crack or no smack or no coke or no smoke

(They're saying) How you get High
If you ain't talking bout dope
We get high when I write and I let em get a hit of what I wrote

We Get High

[Verse 2: Dizzle Morrison]
High off life, High as a kite
High off seeing Lamborghini's with the white on white
High off having girls on me like white on rice
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Or having full control over my own life
Never reserved n***a, I'm word flipper
Connected with other stars to paint a perfect picture
Stars are aligning like prophecy in the scriptures
Look in the sky and see us, the “Big Dipper”
I'm motivated, opposed to haters
Revolutionary's Mind, wardrobe of skaters
Gift of gab by design, I'm the mold for players
Thought you had it covered I'm exposing layers
They all hate ‘cause, they taking a pay cut
My sh** is steaming they're catching the vapors
Pissed off as HELL when they look at their pay stubs
I'm looking in the mirror like, NIGGA WE pay us


[Verse 3: Dizzle Morrison]
High off gear, High off coupes
High off green, I know they probably like AW SHOOT
The hook said you ain't smoke, well it's partially true
But on occasion, you'd probably think I was Snoop
I pull out my joint roller fill it up with trees
Roll up a baby joint and pull it out of the stroller
Enter the solar-system get blitzed then
It's back to grinding like molars
No sir, it's not an everyday thing
But I swear that it brings me closer
To Jehovah, forgive my over-analysis
I'm just hoping to get closure
To whatever got me feeling low
Always next to beef like a dinner roll
STILL, life is beautiful as a center fold
And when you live it to the fullest you can “feel” it more


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