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MoonMan - This Girl lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
This girl been lied to, and she's been cheated on
Every man she TRIED to Love, used to just treat her wrong
She says that Love is blind, now the Queen can't see the throne
And she lost faith that one day, she'll get to see kingdom come
So when a King comes along it's way to hard for her to believe
That he's sincere in everything he does for her
And what he says he really means
And so she snoops to prove he's a dog
Though she never found one flea
She keeps her leash and gives him dog tags that read infidelity
To him you're his Diamond in the rough
No matter what he do to show you all of his trying ain't enough
You don't trust so when he turn his back you're prying in his stuff
Now lying is a must cause if he catch you digging for dirt he gone leave you
Lying in his dust
Cause He fed up, with all your bull sh**
Your temper's way too hot and he be on some cool sh**
It ain't no evidence, for you to prove sh**
And if you lose him, you'll probably lose it (This Girl)

[Chorus: Dizzle Morrison]
This Girl
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[Verse 2: Dizzle Morrison]
This girl been hit and kicked
By every man she's been with
And every man she's been with takes her for everything that she gets
He takes her mind and body trying to break her spirit
Says he'll take her life away if she ever tried to split
And so she sits and takes it
Hasn't been happy in SO long but for him she fakes it
Got a smile on her face but inside there's mental hatred
For herself, and him too, it's so hard for Love to get through
When she's so scarred with men issues
I heard her say she deserves this
It's all her fault, though whatever she did was not done on purpose
Then she said that it all began when her daddy told her she was worthless
While he hit on her
A tear fell as she told me how it felt when he used to get on her
And she's still hurt, from all that bull sh**
The men in her life made her feel like she couldn't ever do sh**
She said she wants a new life, one not so abusive
But fears in chasing her own life, she might just lose it (This Girl)


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