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MoonMan - The Reason Why lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
I do this on behalf of y'all, and behalf of me
I vent my life and it cools me down, hip-hop ac
It'll change your life, with an open mind you'll catch a breeze
And I'm the heir to this lifestyle, called Nouveau Riche
Oh you ain't know, well that's alright cause I'm here to teach
I set these goals, they're extra high, still I reach
When you get close, get an extra eye cause people leech
Gotta soak my clothes in pesticide so they don't bug me
Other folks take shots, but I just shoot Bread call me buckwheat
When I hit up my family you know what they turned and said to me they said

Just because of you, I'm a happy guy, you're the reason why

[Verse 2: Dizzle Morrison]
I am the change that I wish to see, when I go to sleep
I want to rest and wake up in a world with peace
Away with greed, away with hate, run away with me
We'll build a place where Loving is the currency
Oh You can't see, open your eyes, and take a look
I Bet you see, a sea of lies, sharks and crooks
I gotta leave, cause I realize, all of the hooks
Expecting me, to shuck and jive, labor and cook
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But I think bigger, more than a n***a, more than a spook
But I got em spooked when they take a look and see my face off in a book, I think


[Verse 3: Dizzle Morrison]
How far will we go, I hope further than the ones before
Without selling the soul, only selling what it is I know
Making yes' from no's, never stressing the status quo
It's a blessing to show, what I'm thinking across the globe
You know Dizzle is usually
The one who abuses beats
Breaking down stereotypes
Of which they're accusing me
I could really use a knees
Hitting the floor to pray for me
Everybody's consuming green
While I'm hollering save a tree
We call that that Nouveau Riche
Lifestyle that I choose to lead
All of this wealth of mind, body & soul is all so new to me
When they put my body in hole and spit the eulogy
Make sure that my tombstone reads sincerely from you to me (it's)


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