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MoonMan - That Girl lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
I think I'm falling for a... girl
That's everything that I like
Mrs. Butterworth in her waist
Like codeine in that sprite
She's known to slow things down
I call her yellow lights
When I'm having a hell of a day
She is my Heaven at night
I see your halo, I can mold you like Play-Doh
Who said men can't be faithful
I'm not only that, but I'm grateful
See it all in my facial
A penny for your thoughts, a nickel for your kiss
And I am after Bill Gates dough
If I just may say so
You might be my soulmate
And I'm sincere when I say that we can't control fate
Got a smile that could be on the front of a box of Colgate
An invisible neck brace so you can always keep your head on straight
(Don't hate)
Cause She's polite, never rude
She eats organic foods
Takes the good and bad with a positive attitude
Moving closer to God in her spiritual latitude
Really I'm just flattered to show all my gratitude to that girl

[Chorus: Dizzle Morrison]
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That Girl
Show all my gratitude to That Girl
That Girl
Show all my gratitude to That Girl
That Girl
That Girl
That Girl

[Verse 2: Dizzle Morrison]
Now that I've fallen for this... girl
That feels me and I feel her
It's extra-terrestrial
No Steven Spielberg
You GOTTA be from Venus, but while you're here on Earth
I'm trying to plant my seed in you, before I see the dirt
I know you see my hurt, the pain that I endure
The pain of being me, but still you're there to rea**ure
Been sailing for so long, now I see the shore
I kick it to get to my goals and you're there to watch me score
Screamin' GO baby
I'm gone k** it and you already know Lady
I'm gone shine even in a rap game that's SO Shady
You go with the flow even though you know the flow is SO crazy
(SO Crazy)
You see She's smart, she's nice
She strives to do what's right
In a world so dark she beams the brightest light
Active in her community because she's seen the plight
How lucky am I to have this girl off in my life (That Girl)

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