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MoonMan - Success lyrics

[Intro: Dizzle Morrison]
They say that we're bubbling, I tell em it's nothing
Whenever we function, I put on a show
Keeping it factual, comes natural
This is actually what I know

Dizzle Morrison n***a

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
I just stick to doing me brother (Can't HELP it)
The Lyrical form of weed brother (Inhale this)
Pray my words set you free from the (Jail sh**)
Put my feelings on beats and they (Felt it)
I'm a Sin City n***a so they figured I'm about
Busting heads, busting guns, that ain't what I rhyme about
Spitting change, slot machine it's feeling like big mama house
I got that soul food flow they got that McDonald's mouth
What you talking about brother
Whose command are you under
Do you run your sh**, or are you just a runner
Pray to God they don't run up ‘cause n***as where I come from
Toting them loaded guns sun down, sun up
See me on my come-up
Schoolbooks, rhyme books
White collar crime crook
Trying to see how those dollars look
No matter the time it took
I was writing them rhymes and hooks
Spit truth YES in the booth YES got proof YES
And what you get
Respect from O.G.'s on that thug sh**
The bona fide hustlers on that drug sh**
The hip hippy smokers on that Love sh**
Even the Holy rollers saying they Love Dizz

Save ya, praise for the Maker
Pray for them haters, stories they make up
Won't ever fade us, turn up the fader
Before you go major, the man in the mirror asks

Am I giving my all, doing my best
Keeping it true, is it me in the flesh
I believe in my crew, got a place in my chest
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For the believers that believed before the success
The critics in awe, they never would guess
A rapper is more, than what's seen in the press
They hearing my songs, they see intellect
Knowledge is power, power gets me respect
They're rapping to ball, they're rapping to rep
I rap to evolve, I rap to progress
They're saying the most, but doing the less
I'm all about what I shout put me to the test
My people are poor, my people depressed
Our leaders promote, lusts of the flesh
Strippers and dope, violence and d**h
But I'm giving you life, and gaining success

See I sold dope but I wrote hope
Had fist fights but I spit life
Kept girls in the dark, broke hearts
Now give pipe and give light
Overdosed on that get right
Reading daily, eating healthy
Pockets broke, Spirit wealthy
When I get dough nothing you can tell me
When donut Lovers try to trail me
I don't fret, I project
Intellect, they're impressed
Cause I was raised right by projects
Where AK's are a vital threat
North and West have rival sets
Everyday's a survival test
Every loss is a tribal d**h
WILD n***a we wild I guess
PROUD n***a be proud I'm blessed
On this road I walk on any one could be my final step
I know that so I keep that in mind BUT
I'm feeling like we're behind AND
I can't fast-forward time SO
I gotta stay on my grind...
I got goals my n***a
Gaining reach trying to reach milestones my n***a
Gotta eat tired of being skin and bones my n***a
So we hunt out to get it on our own my n***a
What you know about it

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