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MoonMan - MLK vs. Moonman lyrics

You're a spear-chucker, s** my bfc
I've been smooth since 1943
You're not an American, unless you have white skin
If you're black, your life is total sin
I k** your people while wearing a grin
I used to own your kin
How does that make you feel?

You are falling into my master plan
My brothers in the klan
Are going to hop in a van
And come to k** every black man
Then we will make all the Jews crispy

Ooga-booga, you apes are so retarded
No wonder you're what society has discarded
Go back to Africa you wing-eating players
Or I will become a great n******g slayer

When long ago the gods created Earth
In his fair image men were shaped at birth
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The beasts for lesser parts were next designed
Yet were they too remote from humankind
To fill the gap, and join the rest of man
The whites conceived a clever plan
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure
They filled it with vice, and called the thing a n******g

I now remember why I hate blacks
It's because their skin color is so whack
I take them out to my shack
And I hit them in the sack

I really wish black people did not exist
I like to k** them with my fist
Just give their spine a twist
Then cross them off your list

I hate your chocolate face
Porch monkeys are a disgrace
Chimps came from outer space
It's time to end your race

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