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MoonMan - Feeling Low lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
These are the... words of the lyrical genius
Been running the good race without a breather
Moved out of the hood, but it ain't give me amnesia
I'll never forget all of its treacherous features
The cold nights no power to turn on the heater
Cold hearts emotions are thrown in the freezer
Cards and hard both dealt by the dealer
Sin City's filled up with non-believers
They tell us to have Faith
Go to school work real hard and graduate
So we can have a plate
And we can levitate and marry the good life
With a good wife once we're divorced from Sallie Mae
Student loan money spent on a pair of J's
Bill collectors calling up my house everyday
They gone take my money if I put it in a bank
So I keep it in my stash right underneath where I lay
Bad credit makes it hard for me to get a place
What I owe is about to double all because of interest rates
It's gone take 100 years for this to be erased
I know you can relate, but believe me when I say
God's on time, but your check's late
Know the Sun gone shine, if you just wait
They put the world on your shoulders until your neck aches
Right before it breaks, I'll be your neck brace...

[Chorus: Dizzle Morrison]
Keeping your heads high
When they're feeling low
Dizzle Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro"
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Masterpiece for the place where they're living poor
And lack digits in an age so digital (x2)

[Verse 2: Dizzle Morrison]
I'm so blessed to be following destiny
This ain't a job THIS is more like a quest for me
Searching for answers to what nobody's questioning
Something is cooking, but I don't know the recipe
So I'm sniffing out the ingredients
Ratatouille of Rap, no rat
But I got a feeling it's time to start dodging the traps
Find expedients that aid in succeeding in civil disobedience
Become an inconvenient truth
Be a bridge for a generation lost and aloof
Or a ladder for the stranded ones on top of the roofs
When the floods flooded they showed us as scuzz buckets
What was, wasn't bet the “saints” know I'm telling the truth
They say that we're thieves and nothing to believe in
Then wonder why we're under achieving
We've been bobbing and weaving
Up in the ring fighting trying to get things even-steven
Seeing lots of bereavement, but little agreement
Addicted to poverty with no treatment
Heathens in office, impeachment is offered
If we want it holler if you hear me when I am preaching
We're boxing champs, with a naked waist
Egypt fought AND won, let us imitate
They put the world on your shoulders until your neck aches
Right before it breaks, I'll be your neck brace


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