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MoonMan - Doing All That I Can lyrics

[Chorus: Dizzle Morrison]
I'm doing all that I can
I guess it's all a part of a plan
But it's so much a brother don't understand

I'm doing all that I must
To show them that I'm someone to trust
When there's something nobody wants to discuss

I'm doing all that I should
To show them that this life IS good
And I'm really trying as much as I could

So I'm building a bridge
And I'm giving them hope
And as long as I live
I just want you to know
I'm doing all that I can

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
I'm doing all that I can to
Put fire to wax, yeah I'm lighting a candle
I try to relax, but it's something I can't do
I'm living what my ancestors ain't get the chance to
By setting examples for people to follow
But trying to steer them the right way is a LOT to handle
So I scramble
Lending a helping hand, doing all I can
Keeping my hands full
Cause I can play ignorant
And they'll think THAT'S cool
And blame it on this place or blame it on that school
But I've got integrity
Could never play THAT fool
So I'm taking THIS route
And I'm using THAT tool that we call brain
Seems we're all trained to keep drowning in shame
I ain't swimming in THAT pool
So I came to leave my mark in the game
By taking my people's pain and giving them back j**els


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[Verse 2: Dizzle Morrison]
I'm doing all that I must so
We can settle the dirt
Make it out of this dust bowl
My people are hurt, but I'm someone to trust though
No gangsta rap, No MC Gusto
See before I just flowed and spit what I know
But if you spit it from your spirit then is it spiritual
What if everywhere you're living is demented and poor
Is it cool to rap about it just to open the door
To the better side of life
My head is high as a kite
In the clouds mental somewhere off in flight
Staring off in the night, zoning out as I write
This manual for change preparing yall to fight
Telling yall we're right when we feel wronged
You can see if it's wack rap or real songs
I ain't judging nobody
You get your deal on
I get my HEAL on
You know I'm still doing all that I can


[Verse 3: Dizzle Morrison]
I'm doing all that I should be
Doing to get a chocolate chip out of the cookie
As the cookie crumbles and they allocate goods the
Hood is where no eye browse like Whoopi
They're overlooking the cries from humanity's eyes
Not breaking the law, they're breaking family ties
While they're stuffing their jaws they let poverty rise
Which eventually leads to a nation's demise
Words from the wise before America dies
Focus less on the who's, zoom in on the why's
You'll discover clues hidden within the lies
Once you find the truth please be advised
It is suicide to sit there and not share
While people pray for a hope that is not there
I hope this could boost you up like a high chair
So the blind can clearly see that I am


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