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MoonMan - Discovery lyrics

Abstract like the sounds on this beat
Nouns that I speak pound on the downloads for weeks
Months and days, whatever I seek
Will be exactly what I wreak
Now be the meek

[Verse 1]
Undiscovered, I got quotas to reach
Undercover, investigating the breach
Rick Ross signs an artist every week
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So, I'm breaking the doors down like SWAT doing a sweep
I've been plotting, I been watching, I'm moving in
The game's rotten, I'm door-knocking, I've come to win
Every time I'm in the building they say, "Come again..."
So which record label is furtive that I'mma come and vent
Learned to venerate, a hiatus to meditate
But now I'm back with nuclear weapons and came to devastate
They want me to disarm, yeah, I'mma let 'em wait
Cause I'm a time bomb, and it's a countdown 'til I detonate

[in progress...]

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