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MoonMan - Come Home lyrics

[Verse 1: Dizzle Morrison]
They say what happens in Vegas stays here
Homie I'm breaking the rule
The strip got all these n***as confused
Thinking that Vegas n***as are fools
Come to my city trying to rep a set
Thinking you're tough cause you tuck a tool
Before you get found in the desert or sent home, let me drop you some j**els
First, n***as don't care where you from
Even the squares be carrying guns
All of the parties get shot up
You see the running man you better just run
You can get socked running your tongue
You can get knocked they're running their tongues
n***as be snitching on the pitching to the n***as bringing it in by the ton
That's them federalies
And them North Town boys in blue ain't scared to shoot
So we're scared to rally
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Ain't nobody trying to get MLK-9's put on em and beaten badly
On the scoreboard for race you'll never see US with an even tally
So I pray the Lord walk with me as I go through demon valley
Where babies die on the daily
Women and men be dressing alike, I swear it ain't even Sadies
But they're hawking out there on the prowl long as it leads to money making
Hustlers and hoes hollering the same sh**, “FUCK YOU, PAY ME”
Probably think I'm crazy, but I Love my city
And we'll shine bright until the Lord comes unplug my city
High off the life, I think the devil done snuck and drugged my city
I let you hear what's going on on the inside like I bugged my city (Look)
n***as will body you, b**hes will body you
k**ers surrounding you, bullets demolish you
Police profiling you, media silence you
n***a you out on your own
Distributing dope to get to the dough
Or pimping a hoe, or stripping on poles
Or spitting a flow is all that we know
And this is the place I call home

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