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MoonMan - Beast Inside lyrics

[Verse 1: Tuff Bandit (Tha Overlord)]
1 2 3 and to the 4
Five fucking niggers knocking at my door
So I grab my Smith & Wesson and pull the trigger
I just rid the world of five pussy niggers (Uh huh)
I first felt the beast when a nigga stole my bike
Started hating kikes and I praised the Third Reich (Sieg Heil)
Now I feel the beast inside and I make nigs die
Cause I live and breathe to feed the beast inside

[Hook: Tuff Bandit (Tha Overlord)]
Beast inside (uh) beast inside
Who's afraid of the big bad beast inside
Run little bitches and hide
From the genocide white pride worldwide motherfucker
Beast inside beast inside
Who's afraid of the big bad beast inside
Run little bitches and hide
It's a motherfucking genocide die die die

[Verse 2: Moonman]
Take one normal white guy never would hurt a fly
Has a few opinions but he's quiet and shy
Add six gorillion faggots who shill for the kikes
And the beast inside starts to stir and he likes it
Gradually he sees that we're not created equal
His former life has ended and now starts the sequel
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The peaceful passive pussy that he used to be has died
Now he lives to feed the beast inside

[Hook: Moonman]

[Verse 3: Starman]
Yo sometimes the Moon can be a tough act to follow
But I swallow my pride and I find the beast inside
Not just along for the ride
Or carried by the tide this is the life I decide
I'm going all out commies getting called out
Killing all genetic aberrations in this nation like it's Fallout
Let me know when it occurs to you while I'm ripping any one of these verses the curse is on you nigga
I'mma lynch a faggot and skullfuck a Jew nigga rolling with the top Klan (Hell yeah Starman)

[Hook: Starman]

[Verse 4: Tuff Bandit (Tha Overlord)]
So fuck these niggers who blame the whites
Fuck these money grubbing shekel sniffing kikes (That's right)
And while we at it fuck the sandniggers in Iran
We gonna cap these motherfuckers just because we can
With the Moon and the Star we kill negroes from afar (Uh huh)
Nigga killing is an art and it's the beast that sparked it
So when we feel the beast you bitches better run and hide
Cause you ain't never gonna stop the beast inside

[Hook: Tuff Bandit (Tha Overlord), Moonman, Starman]

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