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Molly Brazy - RIP lyrics

Bitch i dont argue cause im poppin, bitch i'd rather go shoppin
12 took my bros away but what the fuck is they stoppin
Pops been gone since i was 6, a hatin nigga had shot him wit no problem like he didnt have little babies behind him
it's not okay and ima spot him, and slide down on his momma
Hit her ass with the glock and rock his ass with the choppa
Hope his kids up in the crib so i can leave with trauma, and put em in a box with whats lft with they momma
Im a bomb ass bitch, you call me lil osama
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Move my OG out the hood and take her to the Bahamas
Bitch my daddy was the realist i can put that on somebody
If i told you what was up, i might have to catch an body
Slide own your block, you know i got the choppa
sittin on the trenches, man you know the block hot
RJ on the best, you know im finna eat
[?] with some new devils, new gucci, and them margielas bitch

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