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Molly Brazy - More Facts lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Stop with the loose talk
That's how b**hes get dog walked
They found out who they f**ing with and try to call the beef off
I finish b**hes off, have yo body outlined in chalk
Opps trying to small talk, you b**hes is cotton soft
The Molly make n***as stall
On the block, 6 o'clock
You know we all got chops
Free Roc, my big brother always kept him a Glock
b**h dont get yo head knocked
Blowing on this cookie, call Ro to restock
b**h, you is a crumb i win a thousands to none
Something in that water got that 'lil b**h going dumb
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Why they hating? They just mad cause im winning
Came up in a month and its only the beginning
Wanting some attention, talking bull sh** in my mentions
Hoes sneakdissing trying to get some recognition
Did you know I specialize in making b**hes go missing
Making boss moves, & racking up this chicken
Unknown a** hoes throwing shade im coming harder
Thirsty a** hoes, bet you still need some water
100k in 1 week, i know thats why they bothered
Cause before i wrote a verse, these hoes never have a problem
Molly the beef of the baddest b**h in the D
Told the b**h to take a seat, i know she can't stand me
Hoes trying to diss me, and got the nerve to be weak
Can't give a f** about a b**h, i put bands over beef

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