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Molly Brazy - Lil Friend lyrics

[Verse 1: Rocaine]
All it take a phone call, bro bro take yo head off
I ain't never been scared at all, a couple bodies lost
I never back down from no cornball hell naw
I fuck with AK47 100 shells fall everything I did in my life
I can't tell yall worst role model I'll go and get my lil dawg
That shit is to be made I want a 100 mill I want a new Ferrari
A bitch like Paris Hilton these niggas tryna stop me
I think that they be jealous they think that I'ma swiper
Cause all I know is numbers

[Verse 2: Molly Brazy]
Bitch gone head lurk and get your feelings hurt
Talking crazy we gone throw that nigga in the dirt
From Detroit where every day niggas getting murk
He was bragging bout that action now he on a shirt
Don't do the dirt can't hold your weight nigga go to church
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I ain't playing with no snitches do you see a smurk
While I'll load the clip you figure out who going first
It's time to get these snitch bitches of the earth

[Verse 3: Rocaine]
That lil nigga broke and he can't pay the bills
I'm fucking with my criminals cause they keep it real
We kidnap yo momma we kidnapping her kids
These niggas getting jammed and niggas making deals
You ain't no trapper pussy nigga I is
Rappers say they killing but they ain't killing shit
8 mile my nigga fuck who y'all is
Happy mothers day to ya cause nigga you's a bitch
Yea I be with rats i don't fuck with pigs
Shout to my shooters that's the fucking dreads
Go to your grave pussy I make you fucking dig
I got baby bottles but I ain't go no kids

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