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Molly Brazy - INTRO OFFICIAL lyrics

You always talking cash sh** but never had no f**ing money

Everywhere I go I keep a rack you f**ing dummy

All my b**hes eating not one b**h hungry

Hold the chop to his side have him walking like a monkey

Put that b**h to his tussel blow that b**h i hear a rumble keep that big 40 ruger for them b**hes trynna touch me caption me at your room cause a lil b**h humble

Tryna get money like me baby work it's a hustle
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You gotta stay focused you gotta have muscle

Keep the straps all time hating n***a try to bust you

Put the silence on that b**h all you gone see is his body fumble
Making b**hes sick I walk in her tummy grumble

b**hes start coming around when they see that check tho
In the street with the heat n***as don't want trouble

Free Roc missing my pops I swear I'm doing it for you
Molly B it feel good when the whole hood love you

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