Miss Mulatto - Young Lyric Response (Diss) lyrics

Young Lyric Response (Diss) lyrics


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first thing first when you grew some balls stop playing you couldnt even pick up the phone when i called what i did in Houston i dare you to pull that in the south 15 with 15 bodies my flow nasty like ha draws a lil thot thot how both of yo parents in the crack pot pipe down cause we both know you aint what you rap bout you a joke tell yo mama come work at my store should of never quit her job just to bring a L home im too old well my lil sister 14 and she dont go i swear the God when we see you either one of us gone wipe yo nose i did a show in yo city and i left untouched in the princess in the A and the H you know whats up yeen gone buck and lets not get on yo daddy that man really gay cause yo mama a tranny already picked why her voice so deep imma beat this girl to sleep have ha calling white sheep ooouuu she talking hard that lisps got her trippin imma put some money on her head like she stripping i know yo daddy roadie just tell me what he was sniffing imma pu! t a dent in her chin like Peter Griffin yea she got me bent talm bout that she rich(girl yous a lie) girl they used yo rap game check to pay the rent dont flex she text my phone talm bout girl lets just be friend really feel bad for H this who yall let represent by the way you really soft you cried in the rap game house like eerr day and i didnt sign i keep eerr thang i make lets tell the truth lets just be honest they should of let you win that chain cause i know you tired of asking Jhonny

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