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Mike Sherm - AssHole lyrics

I'm a mother fucking asshole bitch I'm the shit if i get her to the crib I gotta hit better give it up quick I robbed the bitch
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Ion even call it rap I'm talking shit ,me and Gbo-lean hit but than socked the bitch ,it was a one hitter quitter we dropped the bitch, designer fit with them kicks I'm confident i'm just a saucy ass nigga no condiment, all i wanna do its eat i needa mill ,you can tell that i'm shining when you see the grill if i bust on yo gut bitch eat this pill, this nigga belt hella fake how the fuck he real I only fuck from the back I'm a real dog ,fruity niggas talking shit get peeled off I ain't gotta get paid for this fade ill still off cut yo head from yo troat and get it mailed off all. All i do is talk shit I'm an asshole if i give her good dick she a bad hoe me and yo bitch got history Ive been had thosefirt I put them to the test than i pass hoes small circles but I keep a big bankroll we da ones gicing L's we don't take those I be running up a check i ion chase hoes handy man with them strips bitch i make those 500 on a belt ion even wear let the fuck the whole team ion even ca! ! re I ain't stingy with the bitch nigga imma share wifing shit that we hit nigga you a square lil bitch on my dick imma hit the hoe if my bro hit ion even wanna hit no moe dope dick to yo bitch might give her a dose when she be phenin for the dick she be doing the most I ain't even worried bout that chain get yo bitch tucked all that speaking on my name get yo bitch fucked you can't say you fucked my bitch nigga wich one dumb nigga I can't even pick one im married to the mone i dont love bitches do it for the birds cause i love chicken I only give her dick we ain't tongue kissing I be smoking so much dope think ma lungs missing rest in peace mac dre fuck the radio I need 13 for a camio bich I do it for my bills like buffalo if my bitch go broke imma let her go

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