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Mike James - Welcome to my Kingdom lyrics


This is for my dudes chillin' back cruisin'
I know that's what these townies be doin'


Welcome to my kingdom
Welcome to my kingdom
Verbs metaphors words ya and lyricism

[Verse 1]

I'm the lyrical magician
Hard works definition
Playing in the exhibition
Man I'm bad I need an exorcism
Perfecting all my mechanisms
Kiss my a** no euphemism
You gon' need parental supervision for this cataclysm
All my lines got symbolism
Means there's symbols in em
Your raps are so emotionless
You don't say sh** in em
You don't say sh** em
I said your raps emotionless you don't say sh** in em
Your effort is so minimum
Lazy is ya synonym
You don't like challenges I'm talking bout that cinnamon
My talent leaves you quivering
My swankys laska cold leave you shivering
I'm bout my silver and green like I was with slitherin'
If they all about gold, I'm quid ditching them
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If they all about the gold I'm quid ditching them
Sickening they become a picturing inside my past
Liable to combust like i was ga**ed
Sick of getting hara**ed for the happiness I have ama**ed
I'll never relapse collapse back behind the mask
Work ethic is unsurpa**ed
Legacy will ever last
Never be labeled or cla**ed
Even though I'm a cla** act
Fact that's just how I was raised
I found my first love inside a summer haze
My heart got lost inside a maze
She was the one that I craved
But hey, it's a new dawn
A new day
I got a new dawn
She got me standing at attention
Like I was on dutay
My life is like a movie
I'm shining like a ruby
All I want is success
I mean that sh** truly
Treasure hunting goonie
Playing ball with Jordan cartoonie
No recognition has me going loony
Even though I know I'm cooler than George Clooney
You don't like what I'm doing sue me
Chasing dreams like Ratatouille
Just started my reign no executing
You can call me King Louie
I said you can call me King Louie


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