Migos - 3 Mics lyrics

(with DJ Ray G)

I came from mug shots
To posters on the block
Keep our song on replay
Now all we need is 3 Mics and a DJ
3 Mics and a DJ x3

Know 3 young n***as on the North
By name of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff
We mobbing pull up at your house
Squad open the trunk and I pull out that sawed off
Cutomuto he gone cut your throat, Migos dressed in the cut knock your jaw off
I came from b**hes staring at me
Now when they see me they taking their top off
Brazilians, Snow Bunnies, and I like Dominicans
Gold on my Giuseppe Steppers, red on the bottom on my Christian Louboutins
I used to be jugging, finessing, remixing the plug on the island like Gillegan
I gave em a flow, and they stealing it
The block on fire, I can extinguish it


3 mics 3 mics 3 mics n***a that changed my life
Mama she told me get right
No more standing over the stove at night
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Now I rock the stage and I get paid, it's 50k in my resume
Remember hitting licks in the Honda
Now I'm riding round president tints on a escalate
Picking hard ball like the Braves
Rocking out shows on the gravey
I told my mama we made it, Harriet Tubman chains no slavery
Breaking the sweat like the 80's
Play with the water like Navy
My n***as really in the field
3 mics we don't need a f**ing deal


Back in the day a flamingo DJ Ray G playing Bando
That was the number one single
b**hes wanna come and mingle
Zonatti Guiseppe wrapped round my socks
We came along way from mug shots
Ducking and dodging the cops Ray G to me Offset stop
Offset never listen had to do a sentence when i got out we took to the top
They say when you worth a milli thats a different feeling
Wanna know benji im the definition
3 mics and a DJ shot fired on the freeway
Cooking the dope will get bagged like a replay
Running circles around you squares no relay


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