Migos - Aight lyrics

[Produced by OG Parker]

[Hook: Quavo]
This rap sh** changed a n***a life
I'm f**ing three hoes in one night
This rap sh** changed a n***a life
I asked her do she wanna f**, she said
"Aight, aight, aight, aight, aight"
This rap sh** changed a n***a life
M&Ms, M&Ms counting up hundos, aight

[Verse 1: Quavo]
I'm livin' my life, aight
Don't worry bout me, aight
Got M&Ms on me rubber bands on my Benjamins tight
You took my chain it's aight
I bet he didn't get it without a fight
Called the squad and they looking for him, one night
He outta sight
Northside where I came from
Put the buss down rollie Obama on
YRN the label, we on the wire
Commit to the team and I buy you a charm
Secret service Migo uniform blowing up like a nuclear bomb
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Got so much gas in the V.I.P. take a trip out to Humboldt to check out my farm
Imma keep it real shout out to the n***as who shot at me
Now I'm strapped up in the field
Migo Gang look like a army
Nat nat now we call 'em bees cause them b**hes be swarming
Doing shows overseas take a flight every night then land in the morning

[Hook: Quavo]

[Verse 2: Offset]
Plug said he got twenty bricks for me
I'm bout to pull up, aight
I'm bout to catch me a flight in bout 24 hours I be in Dubai
Your b**h and another b**h dyking
I pulled to my mansion they got so excited
Stuffed crust the Backwood and light it
Pacquiao Mayweather my diamonds fighting
When I pull up on yo b**h I might just hop in the Viper
It's three of the Migos we pa** the ho in a cycle
Mama told me that you always gotta go read the Bible
Sippin on a 20 oz, I got 4 zips in the bottom
Rap sh** changed me, hating the fact that a n***a is famous
When they take pictures, don't know that I'm dangerous
I done had a chopper, shot it in anger

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