Migos - Ain't Mine lyrics

[Chorus: Quavo]
Most of these b**hes ain't mine
Most of these b**hes ain't mine
Stop claimin' me b**h, you know you lyin'
Most of these b**hes ain't mine
Most of these b**hes ain't mine
Most of these b**hes ain't mine
You can have that little bitty b**h, you know she ain't mine
Most of these b**hes ain't mine

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
Most of these b**hes they ain't mine, n***a
You can have that b**h, I swear she ain't no dime, n***a
She no quarter, I won't spoil her
Think she Moses when she cross the water
Immigrant, she cross the border
How the f** n***as say they can afford my business?
It's the same n***as rockin' Jordans
Pull up Trailblazer, like I'm in Portland
White boy shoot better than Kyle Korver
300 Spartans, my n***as immortal
Sellin' fishes, I got Nemo and Dory
In the swamp with gators like I'm in Florida
Tryna get rich like Richard Porter
Takin' that Pyrex pot and gla** bowl
And stickin' my hand in that water
If the b**h try to take a quarter
It gon' be a homicide, Law and Order
It's cheaper to leave her
But it's gon' cost you some money if you wanna spoil her
She got that Aquafina, call her water
She wanna ride on top of my Sequoia


[Verse 2: Offset]
You cuffin' your ho and I'm f**in' your ho
Like a light, she can switch
Sloppy toppy, eat it, licorice
Wipe the gloss off your lip when you s** the dick
Why you claimin' a n***a? You know you ain't mine
It's time to cut her off, it's 'bout that time
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Why the f** you keep lyin'? You a little fine
I'm not wastin' my time, only spend with dimes
She got the audacity say that we're married
Chasin' a n***a like Tom & Jerry
Look how she standin', she Halle Berry
I laugh at the b**h like I'm Tyler Perry
Your birthday, be singin' like Mary Mary
She say she a virgin, don't got a cherry
I'm not f**in' no b**h if the p**y hairy
I'm pa**in' your b**h like a Hail Mary
She wanna claim me cause I'm famous
Mexico groupie b**hes, they be dangerous
Immigrant b**hes, they don't speak our language
I don't fight over b**hes, I leave your shirt painted
Innocent b**hes, they look like a model
Shaped like a bottle, they s** and they swallow
Lil' mama, she bad so n***as gon' holla
And shouts out lil' mama, she only f** ballers


[Verse 3: Quavo]
You can have, she ain't mine
No, I don't want her
I don't want her
Yes she's foreign, I caught her in Barcelona
Got this Spanish lil' mama, like to drink Corona
But you can have her, she gon' instantly bend it over
Cuffin' b**hes, I ain't worried 'bout it
Cause everybody know about it
I pulled up to my mansion in the Audi
Smashed and then she outtie
Say she from New York, I had to call my n***a Rosh
He told me that she goin' in, she got that sloppy toppy
So you know what I did?
I got her s**in' me up in a Benz
She told me she wanted a threesome
I told that lil' b**h call her friend
When I pull, light the light, the Forgis slide
You must be blind if this money you think ain't mine


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