Migos - Why Not? lyrics

Get money, why not? (Cash)
I sell a brick on your block (Brick)
You think she sweet but...
...Young nigga burnt out, burnt out (Burnt)
12 pulling up so we burnt out (Skkrt)
Sweet lil' bitch, now she turnt out (Soo)
'Member that time, that lil' ??? outta ??? with the rubber band ties
'Member that time, in the bando, in the house with the boys on the side (Uh)
Ain't even have no ???...
...Get stuck till a nigga get tied (Stuck)
Everybody talking that cap 'till a nigga get ???
Man, I know a nigga lying
Uh, nigga I ain't flexing, nigga, I'm outside
Nigga, your bitch just ??? (Bitch)
When I bought a Prezi, I put the big boy nuggets in a big boy necklace, uh
Look at my section (Section)
Name a dude...
...big boy blessing (Bless)
Freak sum', lil' bitch sexy (Sexy)
She don't go, yeah, she ready (She ready)
I drive the coupe like Andrettis

Nigga gon' spin, gon' spray, no confetti (Spin)
The bankroll way too heavy
Walk with a, walk with a, walk with a walk, no ??? (Walk)
Hand it out, get fly, Oprah
He get some peas and she gets a Birkin (You better)
Turn me a fuck nigga over
Washing my hands with bleach and detergent (Go)
Washing my hands with bleach and detergent
In the Maybach, with the new curtains
Run through them bands, the ones that we working (Bands)
??? through them ???, the ??? too perfect (Wow)...

...call 'em baby boy 'cause he got put in a headlock (Ha)
Breaking that bowl (Whip it)
Got head from your thot in the red dot (Damn)
Brand new straps, they dead stock
Talk to a bitch like red fox (Bitch)
I spent a two on a factory watch
Thought a nigga with no money said somethin'...

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