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Migos - .Wav Radio Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Aye trap out the coupe
Shoot out the roof
I give your hoe boot
Huh huh, M's in the 'rari
Excuse me sorry, diamonds hittin', shit, pardon me
My diamonds bitin', these bitches fightin'
No I'm not fighting
Chopper knock ya, chop him down
Everybody know it, young Quavo don't play around
I buy a whole brick, I won't sell it, just I blow it down
Everybody know what's goin' 'round
Ridin' 'round town with the thing on me
Everybody know, yeah yeah yeah
Takeoff he gon' bang with me homie (brr)
Give it to 'em, ooh yeah get in there
Ooh yeah, get in there, get in there, get in there, get in there (woah)

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Get in there, get in there, get in there
Get in there, get in there, get it there
Swimwear, fuckin' on you and I get in there
Fuck in a zone when I get in there
Breakin' down, yeah I'm breakin' down
Got a hundred pounds, yeah we sprayin' around
Yeah we pull around we shop the town
Yeah we pullin' down, yeah we droppin' down
Hundred pounds on the backstreets
Hundred pounds on the backend
Pick up that front end, then I get it in

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Back to back wit' it, back to back wit' it (back to back)
Grab the Mac, in the Maybach windows tinted, yeah
Never wore a fitted, never wore a fitted
Nigga never been innocent, never told on myself (ha)
Never ride wit Audi I get it, riding it
Bad bitch out, hold on, hold on wait, hold on wait
I bought a 'Rrari, cause I could skate, so I could skate (so you could skate?)
I fuck your hoe, don't take her on dates, don't take her on dates
Too much money I got rates, rates, takin' rates
Everybody know its me, huncho yeah I'm the chief
Runnin' from the police, uh
So much gas I can't breathe
So much gas I can't breathe
Look at my diamonds, ice in my fuckin'
Ice in my fuckin' piece, ice in my fuckin' chain
Walk up in the fuckin' building yeah they know my fuckin' name (huncho)
Make them scream the fuckin' gang
Diamonds swang heavy metal
You niggas ain't havin' clout, what the hell you talkin' bout
Spray ya, then I air it out
What you talkin' bout Take
What you talkin' bout Take
Got the cookies almost baked?
Me and Cookie on a date (Me and Cookie on a date)

[Verse 4: Takeoff]
Tats up on my face
Bad bitch longway
I'm gon' nut on her face
I'm gon' nut on that bitch face
I'm gon' pop a perc
I'm gon off my face
No I can not feel my face
Yeah yeah Drank
Buying a drink and half a pint, yeah yeah saint

[Verse 5: Quavo]
Pour a pint, buying out the whole pint
Takeoff go to the mall
Buying out all the [?]
Me and Molly, M&m's spending all m&ms
Young nigga wanna win
Kick door where I fit in
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Bad bitch she gon' sit in
Drop coup tell her get in
Everybody know we winnin'
Never without the sippin'
Hennessy yea I'm sippin', lemme take another shot
Fuckin' on a bitch, thot
Got a milli on a watch

[Verse 6: Takeoff]
Fuckin on a bitch, thot
Nigga runnin' from the cops
Yeah I got a half a pop, hundred rounds get popped
We ain't never finish shop
Hundred bags in the shop (the bags)
Hundred bags in the shop (the bags)
Gon', gon', gon' cop
You know I pull up on you
Pull up on you what you wanna
Pull up on 'em I'mma drop em
Pull up on 'em bet I pop 'em
Pull up on 'em with the boogers in the watch
Pull up on 'em and I drop 'em (the boogers)
Bad bitch in a hotel room suckin' suckin' yeah she swallow
Yeah that bitch gonna swallow

[Break: Quavo]
Hold on we change the beat up, change the beat partner
Switch that motherucker up mane
Switch that motherfucker up man
Switch and swappin'
Switch and swappin'
We ain't floppin, you know what I mean
Float on it, I'ma get up on a boat on it
Bricks on a boat on it
I want you to change the beat up
Gon' switch the fuckin' beat up (change the beat up)
Gon' switch the fuckin' beat up

[Verse 7: Travis Scott]
Before you change that beat up
Let em get a La Flame feature
'Bout to pull up in a heater
Pullin' up in a two seater
In the Bun B, smokin' on that cookie tree
Smoking on [?] on my feet (what else)
White bitch Coca-Cola
Chirpin' on a damn Motorola
Sippin' sippin' cold soda
Out in the hood
Blowing cash living good (what else)
Eating on [?], eating your bitch on the wood
Pockets so stuffed, nigga I'm locked in my [?]
On Christmas, feeding homeless giving goods (yeah)
Rockin' a bub, niggas moving in a rush
Blowing kush on the bus
Niggas like blowin' dust
Sippin' on act you drink tuss (Act)
Niggas like me in a rush Actavis
Niggas like me go and gush
We old collecting the rust (lean)
Throwing cash got dust, nigga don't fuss
Momma told me don't you cuss, up bitch shut
Hit a bitch in her butt, then I be up

[Verse 8: Quavo]
Then he pass the bitch to Quavo, then I'mma pipe the bitch up
Runnin' round the whole city, niggas sayin' pop a bitty
Bad bitch fuckin' wit me, I told that bitch show them titties
Young nigga I'mma get it, money stackin' to the ceiling
I'mma stack a whole fifty, I'mma stack a whole milli
I'mma ride, I pull up in Philly shout out like Meek Milly
Everybody know we pretty
Shoutout Trayvon hoodie
Everbody know we gettin' it, drop top in the winter
Yea y'all nigga, fuck y'all, where its at and we gettin' [?]

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